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Coming soon: iWycombe, the iPhone app for High Wycombe (Bucks, UK – not the one near Perth, Australia!). It contains information about local attractions, shops, entertainment, events and relevant web sites, with useful information and reviews.

You can browse by category, or search the database for individual words. All locations are visible on a map view of the area, with your own location highlighted. Locations of interest can be bookmarked as favourites.

iWycombe is “Community enabled”, which means that you can see a Twitter feed from @iWycombe, but more importantly can follow and post to the #iwycombe channel, and see tweets from posters in the High Wycombe area.

We will post some screenshots soon, and hope to be able to submit the app for approval in the next few days, after (yet another!) round of reviews and edits to make sure that our content is up to date and accurate.

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