Your iWycombe tweets don't show up?

If you’ve made a twitter post mentioning iWycombe, it should show up in the Community section of the app for 6 days after you posted it (that’s how long Twitter keeps recent posts in searches).   If you don’t see it, then the reason might be that Twitter is filtering out posts made from your account, probably because you haven’t filled in enough details on your profile.   If you think this applies to you and you’d like help with sorting it out, drop us an email or post a comment here.

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2 Responses to Your iWycombe tweets don't show up?

  1. How do I go about getting my pubs information and events to show up on iWycombe? we have more going on at the Belle Vue than the Swan Theatre

    • We’ll be happy to add the Belle Vue to the next release we put up on the Apple Store. If you have photo(s) you’d like us to use, please email them to us, otherwise we’ll take an outside shot ourselves as we have done for most other locations.

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