iWycombe Available for Download

At http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/iwycombe/id387239347?mt=8.

Thanks to all of you who discovered it on your own and have downloaded iWycombe so far.

At this point I want to give credit to the people whose work was freely given to support iWycombe. The code would have taken a lot longer to write without these components (no particular order):

Some text content was taken from Wikipedia. Where text has been taken from a location’s web site, it has been attributed in the description of that location.

And two tab bar icons came from “icons by Joseph Wain / glyphish.com“. The loading screen map comes from Wikimedia Commons, as well as some images of Hughenden Manor.

I can’t finish without saying that most of the text and photographs came from Elizabeth Lynch, using her iPhone 3G and iPhone 4.

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4 Responses to iWycombe Available for Download

  1. Peter says:

    Very pleased to discover application but failed to open it on iPad. Application opens for a second then closes reverting to iPad home screen. I hope a bug free version is on it’s way soon

    • admin says:

      iWycombe contains Apple iAds. This means iWycombe won’t be supported on the iPad until Apple release iOS4.2 – which will probably be in November.

      Apologies to all the iPad users out there!

  2. admin says:

    At the risk of contradicting myself, we have a version of iWycombe that runs on iPad. It will be submitted as soon as it passes testing.

    This is a version that runs on iPad (and other devices that don’t support iAd, which means pre-4.0 devices). It isn’t optimised for iPad in any way.

  3. Peter says:

    Thanks for update

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