First Look

This post is your guide to iWycombe, with screenshots as promised.  On first launch, you’ll see a list of categories and a few special functions, as well as a tab bar across the bottom which offers different views – this tab bar stays with you across all views.

The main items are a list of categories to explore: Food & Drink, Things To Do, Shopping and Links.  You can also choose to view by subject, which is just a different way to group all the entries for places.  There is also a short summary page about High Wycombe, which may be familiar if you have ever looked up High Wycombe in Wikipedia.

The last element on the front page list is “Community”.  From this screen you can keep up to date with events in High Wycombe by reading tweets sent by us, but you can also participate and help to build a local community by posting to and following the #iwycombe hashtag within the app, or just by viewing local tweets within the vicinity of High Wycombe.  You can post and share things from within the app by email, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, and we hope to extend this in due course.

The tab bar offers a quick return to the home screen, a search tab, a map, and a favourites button.  In the Search screen you can scan all entries within their title or description.  The Map screen shows a view of all locations within High Wycombe, optionally showing your location as well.  Favourites show you a list of places that you have bookmarked, as well as a list of places you have visited recently.

When you select a place to view, there is a description of the location, a picture (and possibly a picture gallery), and contact information – address, phone, web site and other information if it is available: such as opening times for shops.  You can look up directions to any location that you are viewing from your current location, which uses the iPhone’s standard Google Maps application.

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