iWycombe Progress Update

We’re at the stage I like to call “feature complete” – meaning that everything I want the app to do is working and mostly debugged, but we’re still going through design updates and editing content.  As for that content, every location we decided to include is there, with details completed and a guide written up; a few are still missing photos, and the content text is getting an editorial review.

So what does that give us?  (from the features perspective)  A searchable database of locations in and around High Wycombe, eclectically selected by Liz, with a flexible set of fields attached to hold standard contact and review information about every one of those locations, including geolocation and photographs.  We track your favourite locations, and can record visits to those locations.  Tap to phone, open web sites, or share information via email, Twitter or Facebook.  Or tap to view the location on a map view, with all the goodness of iPhone’s Google Maps integration, or jump out to get directions from your location to your destination.

We’re open to suggestions, for features, style and content – and to that end have included a Feedback option on the front screen.

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